“I’ve been attending Sasha’s classes since she’s started and just love going!  Kundalini is different than any other yoga method I had ever experienced prior, and for me it’s the most relaxing, nourishing and de-stressing of all the yoga methods.”  -Dina

 “First of all, thank you, Sasha, for being an incredible yoga teacher, and giving your time and inspiring us in our our yoga practice.  I love your yoga class. I was fortunate to happen to look at the LJ rec schedule and notice a “healing yoga class”.  I had adhesive capsulitus in my shoulder. I had had to give up working out in the gym etc.  I found this to be a perfect thing for me to do. It has helped me, with the gentle stretching and breathing etc. I am almost 100%. Also, my stress and anxiety level has been reduced.  My mood and well-being elevated. And, because of the deep breathing, my cardio capacity has improved!  I’m sure there are even more health benefits short and long term from practicing kundalini yoga.” –Susan

 “Sasha is a truly wonderful yoga teacher!  I currently have a very limited range of motion and always feel so encouraged in Sasha’s class!  She always finds a way to make the class work for me and I never feel awkward or embarrassed.  The spirit of generous giving and acceptance for everybody, no matter what their ability, that Sasha brings to class so beautiful.  Part of the perfection of Sasha’s teaching is that the same class could be very gentle or very challenging – she makes it work for everyone!  I always leave class feeling energized and at the same time calm and restored.”  – Rachel

 As a Certified Public Accountant  for over 40 years I know something about stress.  Our professional classes on controlling stress often told us to try deep breathing to help reduce or stress levels.  But they never told us how to do the proper deep breathing.  Sasha Briskin does show us exactly how to do breathing exercises and the calm it brings is amazing.  We do not have just one type of breathing exercise but many. The physical exercise that is involved in Kundalini yoga is very beneficial for one’s health.  It is not just “posing” yogi but a type of exercise that increases strength and helps lose weight.  As a senior I am making progress on losing belly fat, the most dangerous type of fat.  And best of all it is an enjoyable type of exercise which is so important.  A person will not continue with an exercise which is more work than fun. We do not have sore muscles after our classes but rather feel like we are floating on air and very relaxed.Sasha Briskin  has a lovely voice and is our gentle guide to better health.  I would recommend her class to anyone who wants to improve their health and outlook on life. – Lynn

“Sasha is an amazing instructor.  Kundalini yoga provides meditative and cardiovascular benefits.  The stretches and exercises are perfect for improving posture, releasing stress and generating positive thinking and energy.  A wonderful way to start and end the day.”. – Angie

 “I am turning 50 this year and running my very first marathon. I have never felt healthier and more active than I do now. I attribute my health and wellness to both my exercise and meditation routine.  When I was only 17 the doctors diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis in my right arm. They told me the only thing I could really do is to exercise to minimize the pain. It motivated me to make exercise a regular part of my routine. At 21 I was proposed by a relative to learn Transcendental Meditation. I did, and then made meditation a part of my routine. 33 years later I can honestly say that I have profited from my routine with having a body of a 20 year old, the relaxed mind of a Buddhist monk and the soul that seeks adventure (my authentic self).  Four years ago I added Kundalini Yoga (Sasha Briskin’s class) into my routine. What I love about it is I come back from a long run (15-20 miles) still motivated to participate in her class because I know that with the breathing techniques, the stretches, the dance and the collective energy that we as a class experience together will allow my body to naturally heal. With this routine I have overcome my rheumatoid arthritis and two herniated discs as well as post-traumatic stress disorder. I greatly thank Sasha for her efforts to spread the word of Kundalini yoga, because I firmly believe it intertwines what has helped me best, meditation and exercise”. – Bonnie

 “Since I started practicing Kundalini Yoga with Sasha I have new hope for improving my health. For six months doctors have been unable to diagnose or ease the constant pain I have in my chest and throat. It has made it difficult to sleep, eat or exercise and I was exhausted and depressed until I began taking classes with Sasha just two months ago. Now my energy has increased, I am sleeping better and my throat and chest pain are lessening, even though the doctors still don’t know what is causing my discomfort.  Because her classes are always free of charge I am able to attend three to six times a week, which I believe is why I am improving so quickly. The vigorous movements she gently takes us through along with the deep breathing and meditation have revitalized my body and given me a whole new outlook on life. Now I am eager to return to class whereas before I dreaded and avoided other kinds of exercise because I couldn’t keep up, physically or financially. Also, I never get bored with Sasha’s classes because she varies the routine a little bit each time which intrigues and challenges me in just the right way.” – Terri

 “I had never experienced Kundalini Yoga prior to Sasha’s class. It’s somewhat different than the type of yoga I had been accustomed to but I love it! It not only helps me de-stress, but also feels like a workout. The next day, I am always a little sore as if I’d gone to the gym & worked out my muscle groups (abs, thighs, arms). So it’s like a yoga relaxation & muscle workout all in one. Sasha creates a very relaxing atmosphere in her yoga class & I highly recommend it to everyone – beginners & advanced.” -Mana

 “I am recent beginner of Kundalini yoga. It has been an amazing discovery and self-transformation for me in re-connecting to my equilibrium. Sasha is wonderful and inspirational teacher, whom I cannot recommend highly enough. Through her classes I have had the benefit to learn how to soothe and nourish, my mind, my body and my soul. It was a great experience and I look forward to learning more.” – Yelena

 “I have been attending Sasha’s Sunday Kundalini Yoga class for over a year and I feel great. It became my routine to practice Yoga every day. Since I started a new job and experienced a pre-menopause symptoms I felt stressed and unhappy sometimes. Yoga gives me a peace of mind and elevates my mood. I feel more energetic after practice. Most importantly I never get sick,  even with cold. Thanks so much Sasha for teaching the class. You have been making a great contribution to everyone’s health.”  – June

 “I have exercised most of my life and on a consistent nature; however, as I have matured, I have experienced discomfort doing my workouts. I have inflammable arthritis as well as chronic migraines.  In addition to being unable to exercise as much as I would like, it seemed as if I was “freezing up” with almost no flexibility which was affecting my horseback riding, my favorite sport and past time!  I also have had a huge increase in migraines of which I have experienced since age 16. I researched the various forms of yoga and was thrilled to find Kundalini Yoga taught by Sasha Briskin. Her classes were a perfect fit for my needs for meditation and healing with moderate exercise. It was my hope that the yoga would help not only my headaches, but help relieve the pain of my inflamed joints.  My goal was to learn relaxation and meditation and practice this several times a week,  but what I had not anticipated was the extra benefit of overall well-being and….becoming flexible again!! I found that I was able to ride as well as mount on and off my horse with ease, something I had given up as a sign of old age!! Also, with Sasha’s instruction, I have been able to modify the positions to better support my joints. I participate in Sasha’s yoga classes an average of three times a week. Her kind voice and special instruction has made it possible to enjoy and experience better health and overall joy!  I am thrilled to have discovered something that is so very healing and rewarding.” – Linda

 “I’ve been taking Kundalini classes with Sasha Briskin for almost three years. She is not only a great teacher, but she inspires me and calm me down despite of all current stress in my life. The Kundalini yoga helped to boost my immune system and my hot flashes disappeared.  I highly recommend Kundalini yoga and Sasha Briskin as a teacher.” – Giana

 “I would like to express my deep appreciation to Sasha for her great lessons of Kundalini Yoga . I feel that this type of yoga has an amazing abilities to heal and help people by combining deep breathing , stretching ,strengthening and meditation all together . It also helps to improve the brain functions of concentration, relaxation and balance physical and emotional. I am so happy that I found this healing yoga classes and the great teacher and person Sasha.” – Marina

“I feel so lucky to have discovered Kundalini Yoga and especially Sasha! I see significant changes after practicing even as a beginner in my ability to focus more clearly, my mental state of mind is more calm and open. I can feel my body working better from the inside. I feel healthier and I am convinced it will help my health and well-being in future year. Sasha is an amazing instructor. I love her classes. She is very clear and I like that she changes the routine from class to class. She is very pleasant and an inspiration! “– Margarita

 “I look forward all week for my Kundalini Yoga class with Sasha.  She is an amazing and inspirational teacher.  When I take the class, all the stress and tightness around my neck and shoulders just seems to evaporate.  My mind is cleansed and my body is given a wonderful workout.  Kundalini Yoga is a fabulous way to rid ourselves of all the toxins and rejuvenate the mind and body.”   -Angie

 “I am not a sporty person. In fact, I have not done any exercises at all in my life until I started going to your classes the beginning of 2012. Yoga was recommended to me by my Pulmonologist after I was diagnosed with a lung condition called MAI.  While some patients with MAI have to take 3-4 antibiotics for 12-18 months to rid of the infection. My two pulmonary doctors both suggested Yoga to help my breathing and keep my lungs clear so the bacteria would have no “medium” to grow and hope I would not have to go through the harsh treatment of the side effects of those antibiotics. My chest x-rays were positive in November 2011. I started Yoga classes in December that year. By the middle of January, my xrays were clear. I continue to do well and my next check-up will be in October with my lung doctor. My doctors emphasize the importance for me to continue Yoga classes for me to stay healthy. I love your Kundalini classes and the routines are perfect to keep my lungs, body and mind healthy.  I want to really thank you for your free classes. I had to decrease work hours after becoming ill and therefore bringing home less pay and resulting a tighter budget, I would not have been able to afford some of the expensive yoga classes in town. With your free classes, it has helped me to devote myself doing Kundalini yoga, improving my health without the stress of additional financial worry. Ms Sasha, thanks again with all my heart!”  -Anita

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